Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Blog Hijacking!

Hello Everybody! It's Corey and Jessy here, from the studio at ArtSmart Craft Cottage. We've FINALLY convinced Libby to let us take over her blog. We watched her sit for ages scratching her head, doodling with a pencil and paper and wondering what to write ... and then she got distracted by a new design idea and ... no more blog posting! Oh dear!!

So ... since we are in the studio here all the time and we know EVERYTHING that goes on (though we don't necessarily tell Libby everything that goes on! Like the time that Corey spilled a bottle of Libby's paint when he was trying to juggle Tic-Tacs and tripped over! Hee! Hee!) we decided to hijack the computer and get posting here. We did run into a little bit of a problem at first ... do you know how hard it is to type with furry paws?!?! But we've found out that if we both hold a chopstick in each paw we can type pretty quickly ... if you don't mind the odd spelling mistake! Hee! Hee!

Libby is pretty busy at the moment and leaves us alone in the studio a lot to pack patterns and answer emails while she goes off to workshops ... don't worry, though ... she does pay us ... in honey and biscuits! Mind you ... we don't know why they are called "WORK"shops, cos there seems to be way too much "FUN" had by the ladies who go to them for it to be called "WORK"!! So we'll pop in here from time to time to tell you about Libby's "FUN"shops and to tell you about any new patterns she releases. We might even tell you some of the funny stories about things that happen here in the studio when Libby is away ... as long as you promise not to tell! Hee! Hee!

Oops! Libby is calling us for afternoon tea ... Honey Joys! Our favourite!! We'll be back soon to chat, but in the meantime, maybe you'd like to make some Honey Joys for your own afternoon tea ... here's the recipe.



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  1. Thanks so much Corey and Jessie for the Honey Joy's recipe I have been wanting to make some for ages now. Please tell Libby I love all you furry little folk and have a quite a few of my own who live with me. I am looking forward to your posts in the future.
    Bear Hugs Michelle xx


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